Friday, March 20, 2009

Easter Layout & St. Pat's Pictures

So on St. Patrick's Day we went over to a friend's house for some Corned Beef and Cabbage. So yummy! And what a set up! She had several banquet tables in her back yard and invited a bunch of her friends. We enjoyed her view from her backyard (over looks the golf course) and sat and ate with friend's. David absolutely LOVED her corned beef. Shelly had marinated her corned beef in a syrup and mustard sauce in her slow cooking crock pot. The meet was so sweet. And of course, gets the comment from David "How come you don't cook like this?" "Shelly, is such an awesome cook!" - We all know why some of us just avoid the kitchen - takes a long time to plan, shop, prep, cook, and then clean after a meal.... and well, we would rather shop, prep, cut, assemble a layout. Get to look at it over and over again. A meal is finished and forgotten. Not that I do not like to cook, don't get me wrong... It is just that my husband is a "chef" and does most of the meals at our home. He can put together a gourmet meal just from whatever is in the refrigerator. I can not do that. They used to have a show on the Food Channel where they would "surprise" people by knocking on their door and making a meal out of whatever they had in their fridge. It was the challenge for the chef. Make a meal from someone else's left overs. It was a interesting show.

I just finished a two page layout for the store Celebrating Easter. I used the new line from Samantha Walker for Creative Imaginations called Cotton Tail. I liked the bright colors for my pictures of the Easter Egg Hunt. My kids are at the age now where it is no longer "cool" to go on Easter Egg Hunts with a crowd of people. They will do private hunts at home with the cousins. I think my photography does not do the layout justice. The paper group really is very colorful. I am including some pictures from our night at the Hughes's Irish Fest! The guys were drinking the dark Guinness beer. I just can not seem to swallow even a sip. Not my cup of tea. But Jackson had fun!

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