Sunday, January 4, 2009

Basic Grey Calendar Kit

Happy New Year! This is going to be an exciting year, I can tell already. Lauren is graduating this year. I have vowed to stick to my resolutions, one of which is to scrapbook more - and stay more on top of my picture taking. I have been busy these past two weeks "catching up" on layouts for the store. But first I want to mention how much I have loved to work with the new Basic Grey Calendar Kit. The kit itself sold out from Basic Grey so they do not post it anymore. Plus they had some great ideas on how to put the pages together - and now apparently that link no longer works. But anyway, I love it thoroughly. I would have made one change though, which is to have had it on a thicker paper. I think with the rub ons and what not the paper was too thin. Plus everyone wants to keep their calendar which makes you want to invest your work on a good heavy weight paper.
I made several of these calendars to give away as gifts this year. I felt like an assembly line doing all of them. I also find myself using the same techniques from the artist of the calendar, Kelly Goree. She uses her permanent black pen to draw in stitches, lines to frame the page, squiggles, lines inside the chipboard lettering. So, now I am finding myself doing the same on layouts that I have been working on.
am sharing some of the pages of the calendar with you. I apologize for the graininess of the photos... seems odd. I do not remember them being grainy when I first took them. Our photo library is on my husbands computer and he downloaded the Antivirus 360 virus onto his computer and now the whole computer is malfunctioning. I do not know if this is why these pics came out this way or maybe I jiggled the camera when I took the pictures... hmmm curious.
The calendar is easy to assemble and put together, for those of you who were able to snatch one of these calendars up. And such a treat to be able to have a new memory each month all year long!
I also finished the February Kit of the Month. Each month one of the girls from the Design Team at Scrappin Good Times creates a two page layout to sell in the store. My month is February and it came out so stickin' cute. I used the Splendid line from Fancy Pants Designs. It is a layout - obviously a Valentine's theme - that can be used for both girls and boys. I'll post a picture closer to the end of the month not to spoil the surprise. But I will say I used the black pen idea I got from doing the Basic Grey Calendar. There are black stitches, and lines to frame the page and squiggles with small hearts... so much fun!

Happy New Year!


Jennifer Priest said...

That is awesome! Kelly Goree rocks. I guess I never noticed the doodling--thanks for pointing it out. So do we get to see your layout for feb?

Cindy said...

Gorgeous layouts, Susan!


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