Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Card Etiquette

Every year we need to decide on our Christmas Card. This year was hard as the oldest (23 yrs.)has moved out the house and is living three hours away at school.This is the perfect time to snap a current picture of the family so friends and family who do not see you all the time can see how the kids have grown, etc. I try and take a Christmasy looking picture so it is festive in the frames. I also like the pictures of families on their vacations. It is always fun to see where people have traveled. Then you know who to call to get feedback on a trip, where to stay, what restaurants to go to, sights worth seeing. We have friends who travel to an exotic location every year, so it is fun to see their card and where they went to. One year she was riding an elephant. I think one year their picture was in a hot air balloon... Something we will have to do once the kids have grown and moved out. This year we took our picture in front of the tree at Fashion Island. As you can see from the

picture, this is a very tall tree. The bulbs are HUGE! And my kids are like most kids. They are not always cooperative. I decided this year to snap them as they were being difficult. The pictures are priceless as you can see my husband in the big gold bulb telling them to behave. This will make

a cute layout. I always hand write a note in my cards to each person. Christmas should be personal (I think). The cards are stamped with cute stamps I buy from Stamp Your Heart Out in Claremont. Some are filled holiday confetti too. It is the little touches that make Christmas a special time of year. Otherwise it gets commercialized - photocards stuffed into envelopes with out a personal message, just the one printed on the photo and address mailing labels? I also try to make handmade gifts (time willing). This year I have a handmade gift for several people, some are the way cute Basic Grey Calendars designed by Kelly Gorree. They are beautiful when completed and easy to do. I make all my own gift tags too. The tags for my family have "clues" written on them. We guess what is inside of the box. This makes the time unwrapping gifts a little longer and we can appreciate all the wrapping that goes into them. I buy coordinated toppers for my gifts that go with the theme of the paper. Each year the paper has a "theme." Last year it was Metallic's and Velvet. The year before it was Silver, Blue and White. This year I went with Holly. Vintage Holly gift wrap. However, I really liked the Contemporary Snowman paper Hallmark had this year. There was the snowman, the red plaid, and the black paper that said Happy Holidays. Maybe next year I go with this theme.
This last snapshot of me and Lauren, I included because look how tall she is! She is almost as tall as me! Cracks me up! It was yesterday I called her my "dolly." Now she is "all that!"

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