Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Craig Ferguson

I am in stitches every night! Now that the Olympics are on channel four, my late nights have been readjusted. I used to watch The Tonight Show (love Jay-Walking!) and then Conan O'Brien. Late at night after the kids are asleep is the only time I have to do my hobby. Scrapbooking - of course! Thus the scrapbooking blog... Anyhoo, now that the Olympics are on I'll only watch them if there is an event I enjoy. If not I will wait for the highlights. So I find myself watching David Letterman and then my new find... The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Oh my goodness. I have not laughed out loud like this in so long. He is my new find. Even when channel four reverts back to their original programming I am going to continue to watch his show! I wish he was taking over the Tonight Show. He has such a cute way about him, how he gets all close to the camera as if whispering in your ear. He has a routine about reading e-mails on the air and gives you a glimpse of the printed e-mail super fast... you can not actually see it, and then a "follow up" on what the show was about at the end. "What have we learned on the show today?" As if the show is an educational piece!!? His tie is all ajar, like he is wiped out from his hour long commitment. I tell you, I am cracking up thinking about it. And his Scottish accent is the icing! A must see!


Gabe Magallanes said...

Ha Ha Sound like a very entertaining show to watch. Cool.

Jennifer Priest said...

Wow I am gonna have to check that out!!

Old Ned said...

Craig Ferguson is the best! Here are some things you can look out for in upcoming shows:

- opening jokes: audience being unrehearsed/free candy

- repeated lines: ". . . just like a party at Elton John's house!"

" . . . I know!"

" . . . there's a place in Hollywood where you can get that done for $20!"

- references to the Jonas Brothers,

CRAIG RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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