Sunday, April 6, 2008

Mission Ranch

This "ranch" has alot of history which encompassing with the great food add to the atmosphere. "In the 1850's the property became one of the first of the early California dairies. The creamery, which supplied the county with cheese and butter, now houses the restaurant. The barns were used for hay and milking. During the time, the Martin family, who owned the Ranch for sixty years, also farmed potatoes for the Sierra gold miners."

"The Ranch has had some seventeen owners. In 1937 it became a private club, then an officer's club for the Army and Navy during World War II. At that time the windows were occasionally blackened against a possible Japanese landing. The Dienelt family, who had the ranch for 39 years, owned it in those days. It had a rollicking reputation, with dance bands and a lively bar scene."

"Portions of the property were sold to the Carmel School District and the state. The Ranch now encompasses 22 acres. Clint Eastwood bought the Ranch in 1986, rescuing the property from an impending fate as a condominium development. He sought out the best craftsmen for renovation, who have replicated moldings, door frames and hardware to match the style of the original buildings. Each structure reflects a different architectural period: from the 1950's feel of the restaurant and dance barn, to the century old Martin farmhouse." Excerpt from the Mission Ranch brochure.

I just love learning all the history and visiting places where people have been 100 years ago. Thank you Mr. Eastwood for saving this property and allowing us to see and visit it in all of its glory. There are trees on this property that are over a century old. A pond with a bridge that crosses over it. (Great photo op here for a family portrait). An old wagon in the field (another great photo place for a black and white). And you can have your meal on the outside patio overlooking the field and watching the sunset (last photo). There is a piano bar inside that opens at 4:00pm Monday through Saturday. They do not take reservations. However, the wait was not long and it gives you a chance to walk around and enjoy the property. Truly a wonderful place. You can visit their site at

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