Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Plithera of Valentines!

This year the lines for Valentine's Paper was a tough call. I mentioned on the Scrappin' Good Times blog that I liked Memory Makers (Red, Black and Creme colored) line the best. It has die-cut paper with laced edges and antique looking embellishments such as embossed
arrows, tags, hearts, quotes, heart brads, heart paper clips... This line sold out at the store very fast. However, the next two lines I love (and had to have all the pieces to) are the K & Company Smitten and Marcella K Cupcakes (sold at Target)!

Smitten is Hot Pinks, Mauve, Raspberry, and Dark Chocolate. The line has tons of hearts and glittered flowers (could be used for Mom's Day), 3-D embellishments, to and from tags, laced paper ribbon, rub-ons, chipboard hearts and flowers and glittered out and a chipboard glittered alphabet is light pink.

Cupcakes is whimsickle with Devil's Food Chocolate, Lime Green, Candy Pink, and Decadent Blue. Stickered embellishments are three dimensional cupcakes and "candy sweet" sayings, felt cupcakes and hearts, and an "iced" alphabet. (As if it was made from frosting). The line has cards that can be embellished and then mailed to your Valentine, with cute cupcakes and a cherry on top! Very sweet and perfect for kids to put together and have sent from them!

I love giving and receiving Valentines. Even the mailman gets a Valentine this year!


Jennifer Priest said...

OMG Susan--that is a whole lot of stuff to make Valentines with! Wow you are going to be busy!!

Anonymous said...

love the cupcake line at target too. i got my hands on it and also got a set for jennifer. everytime i go to target it seems to be sold out. perfect for birthday stuff too.


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