Friday, January 25, 2008

Love Day!

Valentine's Day is coming! I love Valentine's and making the cards with the kids. This past weekend Jackson and I were making his Valentine's to distribute to his second grade class. We decided to do a "pirate" valentine, with a pirate joke attached. I found these cute vintage pirate kleenex packs that state "You're my Booty" from Accrutements to attach to the valentine cards. I also found these cute pirate Valentine Stickers stating "Avast, Here Be My Valentine!" I just need to make tags for the outside of the celophane gift bags and we can start to put together Lauren's this weekend. She is in Seventh Grade so we are giving out Valentine's with Tattoo's inside the cards. The Tattoo's are flames with stars, and fire breathing dragons, and of course the two interwind hearts that state "Forever Friends." They are cool and a more "mature" style of a Valentine. So cute....

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