Sunday, July 1, 2007

Lauren Goes to Europe...

Lauren is spending the next twenty days as a People to People Student Ambassador, traveling to France, Belgium, England, Wales, Netherlands and Ireland! She left on Thursday from LAX, flying into New York and then to the Charles DeGaulle airport in France.

She is traveling with forty other kids from the San Gabriel area and a few from Bakersfield. She will make many new friends as the program buddies" them up with someone new on each excursion!

Yesterday they went to the Musée du Louvre and saw the Mona Lisa. Each of them received an art lesson and created something they get to take home . I am dying to see what Lauren created as she is already such an artist! They experienced the cuisine of frog legs and escargot also! Such fun I am having clicking onto the People to People web site and reading about all the fun things the group gets to do. I'll keep you posted. Tomorrow they will be going to the Eiffel Tower and then go on a riverboat for an afternoon cruise along the Seine to see more famous sites of Paris and encounter the Arc de Triomphe. Then they go to Brussels!

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Jennifer Priest said...

Oh my gosh--how exciting for her! She will have so many stories to tell for years. What a great experience!


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