Friday, June 8, 2007

Lauren's Birthday!

Today is Lauren's birthday! She has invited three friends over for a sleepover. The girls will swim and then we will take them to see Pirate's on the Carribean. Lauren is so excited! I made her a chocolate cake last night (her favorite) and my friend, Karen, made brownies for her to take to school.

Update: Movie was long and sometimes confusing. But we made it through the credits to see the little scene afterward that shows William Turner returning to Elizabeth and her son ten years later (although they did not age). Then we had In-N-Out burgers, cake, watched television and chatted into the wee hours. It was a great birthday!


Scrapdog1-- said...

Happy late birthday Lauren. Hope you had a wonderful time. (Susan, pass this onto Lauren for me. Thanks, Sandy.) Also, thanks for the post on my Blog. I've added you onto my SGT Girls links. Love your Blog.

Cindy F said...

Hi Susan! Great job on the blog. That photo in your banner is beautiful. Catch up with you later.

Scrapdog1-- said...

Susan, thanks for visiting my BLOG and leaving comments. It is so fun to see what others think. Danielle and I are enjoying the creativity of it all. See you soon.


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